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Grove Cottage, Hereford

low energy-low carbon refurbishment

20 Oct 2008

Grove Cottage is the first refurbishment in the UK to be formally certified under the Passivhaus Institut's new refurbishment Standard 'EnerPHit'. Its energy performance and comfort over the last 2 years has been outstanding, with c. 80% less gas used and 45% less electricity than an equivalent sized home, whilst being maintained at 21 degrees throughout the heating season. Indoor air quality is excellent, there has been no overheating during hot weather. Gas for space heating, hot water and cooking has cost approx ���ã250 each year.

Solid walled victorian townhouse (1869) extended and refurbished using CarbonLite principles and aiming for Passivhaus levels of energy performance.

By applying the principles and methodologies of the AECB CarbonLite programme, natural gas consumption for space & water heating has been reduced by 80% compared to the average measured performance of a typical UK house of the same size.

See a nice one page project factfile here from the recent Passivhaus Trust Awards

Files & Documents for this Project

Energy Saving Trust 2011 Case Study on the Refurbishment of Grove Cottage   CE338_Grove Cottage_a refurb case study_FINAL 20.06.11.pdf   (4124 Kb)

Initial Air Test Result   57_Portfield_St_Initial_Air_Permeability_Test_Report_-_Mar_09.pdf   (762 Kb)

Thermographic report - thermograms only   Thermograms_LowRes.pdf   (962 Kb)

Latest Air Leakage Report - update   57_Portfield_St_Repeat_Air_Permeability_Test_Report_-_July.pdf   (205 Kb)

Final Air Test Result   57_Portfield_St_Acceptance_Air_Permeability_Test_Report_-_.pdf   (990 Kb)

Decision to switch energy supplier July 2011   Switching_from_British_Gas_to_Co-operative_Energy.pdf   (14 Kb)

Green Deal and Passivhaus   IPH_Conference_2012_How_can_EnerPHit_inform_the_UK_Green_Deal.pdf   (7690 Kb)

Most recent project presentation - Passivhaus Trust awards   2012_UKPHAwards_GROVE_COTTAGE_v_2.pdf   (2658 Kb)

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